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Economics & Geography

11 November 2008

You Can't Buy a Dinosaur With a Dime: Problem-solving in Dollars and Cents

Written by Harriet Ziefert; Illustrated by Amanda Haley

A little boy buys a toy dinosaur with his money. When he does, he wishes he had more money to buy another dinosaur. After he earned some money for cleaning the yard, and his mother gave him his allowance, the little boy goes back to the toy store to buy the second toy dinosaur.

This is a brief story that takes the reader through the steps of counting out coined money (dollar bills were not mentioned, just coins). This is a great book for young students to work on their understanding of coined money and what it means to buy something with money. There are two sections in the back to for the older students. One is on activities, and the other is on money trivia.