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wild wings
Grade Level
Contemporary Realistic Fiction
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Earth Science
Life Science
Peer Relationships

4 September 2013

Wild Wings

Written by Gill Lewis

Ospreys soar above the Scottish landscape in this novel about a boy learning to see himself as an individual and to follow his passion. The main character, Callum, becomes friendly with a girl named Iona who is thought “weird” by his friends. Iona has discovered something on his farm—an osprey nest—that no one else knows is there. Callum and Iona then help a scientist free an osprey from the nest who has become entangled in fishing line. The scientist fits the osprey with a satellite transmitter so they can all monitor her movements. However, Iona dies before she can participate in the tracking project.

Callum eventually lets his friends in on his secret, and the three boys track the osprey as she migrates to Africa. After they lose her signal, they locate a girl named Jeneba in The Gambia, whose family finds the bird. The girl needs surgery, so, in thanks, the boys raise money to bring her to England for the operation.

This novel was written by a veterinarian who provides solid scientific information about how animals are rescued, released, and monitored in the wild. It would be appropriate to include in a unit about animal migration. It would also be appropriate in a unit about having the courage to resist bullies and to do what’s right in the face of resistance.