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7 May 2008

The Year Of The Dog

Written and Illustrated by Grace Lin

It is the Year of the Dog, and Pacy is a Chinese-American girl living with her family in upstate New York. When Pacy’s sister moves to middle school next year, Pacy will be the only Chinese girl in the entire school. That is until one day, a new girl arrived at the school. Her name is Melody and just like Pacy, Melody is also from Taiwan. They soon become friends, and this book is the story of their first year of friendship.

This book is riddled with cultural references of Chinese celebrations, traditions, and phrases. The author described her book as one that she wishes she had when she was growing up. It’s not hard to see why. On a very basic level, Pacy and her family are holding on to the Chinese culture and tradition while adapting to the American culture and traditions. The Year of the Dog is a delightful book about the Chinese culture, and traditions, as well as friendship, and finding one’s strength.

The Year of the Rat —published early this year—is the sequel to The Year of the Dog