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the many rides of paul revere
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18 March 2013

The Many Rides Of Paul Revere

Written by James Cross Giblin

Paul Revere is famous for his midnight ride from Lexington to concord, mass. But that midnight ride was not Revere’s only ride where he carried important messages on behalf of the continental congress, nor was that Revere’s only contribution to the United States. In fact, Revere was known as “the messenger for the revolution.” Over the course of 1773—Revere made many rides to and from various cities in Mass (New England). When he was not carrying messages, Revere was busy with his business. During the revolutionary war, Revere was able to continue as a silversmith. But Revere also printed paper money to pay the Continental Army soldiers. After the war, Revere reinvented his business to capitalize on the needs of a new nation. The author Giblin has done a good job describing the life of Paul Revere. The many illustrations that used old engravings or paintings made the book more accessible. At the end of book is an extensive list of source materials on Paul Revere.