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11 July 2007

The Cello Of Mr O

Written by Jane Cutler; Illustrated by Greg Couch

In her book, The Cello of Mr. O, the author shows readers that those left behind to fight a war can also have courage. Children are not affected by the logistics of war. They only want to know when their family members are coming back and when are will they be warm witha belly full of food? As the days of war droll on, the children in this book deal with many emotions. For example, the little girl in the book is angry for having to stay in the war torn region, longing for her father’s safe return, boredom for there is no school, playground or library, and finally fear of anyone she knows getting killed or hurt. By the end of the book, the little girl learned appreciation, and courage from Mr. O, who shows them that the joys of life cannot be easily squashed, and when shared with others, it can replace fear with hope.