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Grade Level
Picture Story Book
US History

11 July 2007

The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History

Written by Jennifer Armstrong; Illustrated by Roger Roth

This book is a collection of 100 stories about American history beginning in 1565 about the first settlement city in America, St. Augustine, Florida, and ending in 2000 with the Presidential election. Each of the short stories attempts to give readers a more cohesive and human picture of American history. The breadth of the stories creates an interesting backdrop to what the students learn in textbooks. The author connects the different stories by linking the people or the land in the footnotes. There is also an attempt to include different groups of people. For example, there is a story how the Newsies banded together and won better wages from 2 of the largest newspaper publishers. Another story is about the whale that inspired Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Yet another is of how the confederation of the Five Nations started. There are many stories that provide the perfect opportunity for research or discussion with students. Armstrong has written each text to resemble a story, which may be the right approach for students who find difficulty accessing textbooks.