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3 November 2009

Noah Webster: Weaver of Words

Written by Pegi Deitz Shae; Illustrated by Monica Vachula

To say Noah Webster was an over achiever is an understatement. In addition to English, Noah Webster knew 25 languages, many of which he taught himself. He was the author of numerous books, as well as newspaper and magazine articles. Noah Webster wrote on a wide range of topics ranging from the abolition of slavery to stopping the spread of yellow fever. Of course what Noah Webster is most well known for is writing the first American English dictionary.

It took Noah Webster many years and visits to libraries in both France and England. When he was done, An American Dictionary of English Language was hailed the around the world where it was adopted as the official dictionary for the English language in United States, England, France, and Germany.

Because Webster had so many accomplishments, this book does feel like a whirlwind. But the author, Shea, does a good job at showcasing the ideas and passions that make up the man Noah Webster. An added bonus is that some of the people and situation Noah Webster interacts with gives the reader a good background into colonial America, American Revolution and the formation of the new government.