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30 November 2007

Merry Navidad!: Christmas Carols in Spanish and English / Villancicos en espanol e ingles

Compiled by Alam Flor Ada & F. Isabel Campoy, English Versions by Rosalma Zubizarreta; Illustrated by Viví Escrivá

Merry Navidad! is a collection of villancicos, Spanish Christmas songs. Though the book does have carols in English and Spanish, these songs are not translated version of Christmas carols, such as Jungle Bell or Sleigh Ride. Instead the songs are traditional Spanish Christmas songs that are presented in both English and Spanish.

All of the villancicos are presented as snippets that would work equally well as songs or poems. The 19 villancicos in Merry Navidad! are organized into 9 categories. 6 of theses villancicos are written with musical notes so that they can be played on a piano, or sung.

Viví Escrivá’s illustrations are beautiful and they compliment the mood and the heritage of the villancicos.