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4 April 2008

Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry

Written by Joyce Sidman; Illustrated by Michelle Berg

Joyce Sidman is the author of many books of poetry for children. In Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry a cat is lost and meets a neighborhood dog on the loose, they are caught in a rain storm and the result is a story of friendship. The book is similar to a play in that different characters have different thoughts and lines that adds to the entire story. The result is that the book can be read as a single poem or the reader can follow one character, such as the crow, or the clouds. Either way this is a fabulous book. Concrete poetry allows the writer to play with shapes and placement of the words, and Sidman made use of every possible surface to tell the story. I can see this book being an example that leads into a language arts and art project. This is a great book that shows poetry in a different format.