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Contemporary Realistic Fiction
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Economics & Geography

11 November 2008

Lawn Boy

Written by Gary Paulsen

What started out as a one-person lawn mowing business grew into 15 person business with a stock portfolio, and a sponsorship in a local wrestler. Along the way the “lawn boy” (not named in the story) learns about business, and making money.

This is a clever book that takes the reader through the basics of business and the stock market. The chapter headings are also clever and highlight some of the issues that come up when starting or running a business. For example, the chapter heading “Labor Acquisition and Its Effect on Capital Growth” is about how “lawn boy” hired more workers to meet the demand of his lawn mowing service, which resulted in increased profit. It was ingenious to use the text within the chapter to help the reader understand the formal economics terms. This would be a great book to read aloud to students while learning about economics and business.