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23 June 2009


Written by Milly Lee; Pictures by Yangsook Choi

There are many books out there depicting the experience of immigration into the United States. But this one was a story that had details I was unfamiliar with. Landed is a story about a boy, named Lee Sun Chor, who travels with his father from his village in China to the United States. Since Sun’s father is a returning merchant, he is able to land at San Francisco. Sun, however, has to go to Angel Island, by himself. There, Sun meets other boys that are in the same situation; waiting for their turn to pass the examinations and be granted permission to land on US.

This book is based on the experiences of Lee Sun Chor, the author’s father-in-law. The unique perspective of being able to prepare for the examination at Angel Island and the look into the day-to-day life of a boy living at Angel Island made this book stand out.

The author has also written other interesting historical fictions. Earthquake is about the author’s mother’s experiences during the 1902 earthquake in San Francisco, CA. Nim and the War Effort is about the author’s experiences collecting paper for the WWII war effort. Both are worth taking a look too.