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3 March 2008

Family Pictures, 15th Anniversary Edition / Cuadros de Familia, Edición Quinceañera

Written and Illustrated by Carmen Lomas Garza

Family Pictures Cuadros De Familia is the first book of three that tells the life story of the author and illustrator Carmen Lomas Garza. Written in both English and Spanish, this book will feel like you are looking at Garza’s family photo album. Each picture is an intimate look at her life when she lived in her hometown of Kingsville, Texas. From ordinary everyday events such as stargazing on the roof with her sister or a day at a fair, the book takes the reader to the Garza and her family.

Books like Family Pictures Cuadros De Familia serves two purposes. One is to capture an important and influential artist’s life story. The other is to serve as a historical record of what life was/is like in the border towns. Every picture in this book is a picture of family, community, and culture. This is a book that shows the author’s roots and also how far she’s come. To me, this books screams ‘This is where I came from and with this book as proof, look at where I am now.’ Family Pictures Cuadros De Familia is truly an inspirational book.