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16 January 2008

Elijah, Of Buxton

Written by Christopher Paul Curtis

2008 Coretta Scott King Author Award Winner

Elijah, of Buxton is a fabulous book about the first child born in the town of Buxton, Ontario, Canada. What makes Elijah and his birth so special is that he was born in a town of freed slaves. Seeking a way to free his slaves Rev. William King took the 15 slaves he inherited to Canada and helped establish a community where his former slaves could build a meaningful and rich life. Eventually word got out about Buxton and it became a destination on the Underground Railroad. To this day, Buxton exist, as a community comprised of mostly of the descendents of freed slaves.

Just like in Bud, not Buddy, Curtis infuses humor, and mischief to lighten the bleak reality, in this case, of slavery. The end result is a great book that I look forward to re-reading.