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Cover of Discovering Nature's Alphabet by Krystina Castella & Brian Boyl
Grade Level
Picture Book
Life Science

24 May 2007

Discovering Nature's Alphabet

Written by Krystina Castella & Brian Boyl

This is not your typical alphabet book. Instead of a picture of an apple next to the letter A, Castella and Boyl use photograph of objects that are shaped as letters. For example, the letter P is a picture of a part of a flower where the tip has curled around. The authors state that none of the pictures were staged and were found in the form that is show in the photographs. Which makes me wonder how many letters I have missed on my last walk. The result is a book that makes it interesting to trace the letters of the alphabet. It also encourages students to look and find letters in not so obvious places. The engaging photographs can lead to lots of art and/or letter recognition lessons.