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High School
Historical Fiction
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US History

23 June 2009

Chains (Seeds of America #1)

Written by Laurie Halse Anderson

Isabel and Ruth’s mistress just died. They were promised their freedom when their mistress died. But their mistress’s nephew needed money so he sold them to a couple from New England. From here Isabel and Ruth’s story really picks up and things go from bad to worse. The couple they were sold to are Loyalists and it is 1776.

While the United States was fighting for independence from England, Isabel and her sister are fighting for their independence from slavery. Along the way Isabel meets a former slave boy who is fighting for the Patriots, and she spies for both the loyalists and the patriots. Isabel is willing to help anyone who promises help her gain her freedom.

This book is only part one of two parts—the second part is due to be published in fall of 2010. This book is a fascinating combination of a slave fighting for her personal freedom and a nation fighting for their political freedom.