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US History

8 January 2009


Written by Lynn Curlee

Land for United States government was set aside by the US Constitution (Section 8, Clause 17). The main purpose for Washington, D.C. was for it to be the location of the US government. Now Washington, D.C. serves a mixture of purposes. There are monuments to important figures and events in American history. There are also many museums holding millions of artifacts that have significance to the United States. The original purpose of Washington, D.C. has not been lost. It is still the location from which the people, to whom we have charged to do so, govern the nation.

Capital by Lynn Curlee gives the history of the construction of 5 important buildings; the Capitol building, the White House, the Washington monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson memorial. Of these 5 buildings, more concentration is focused on the Capitol building. This is a fabulous book that compliments Top 10 Washington, D.C. There are fascinating stories of each building, such as what the White House looked like when Presidents John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson lived there. There are also great tidbits of facts, such as before the Eiffle Tower was built, the Washington Monument was the tallest man-made object in the world.