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13 June 2008

Asian Kites: Asian Arts and Crafts For Creative Kids

Written by Wayne Hosking

Kite flying is one hobby that cross cultures. There are different styles of kite making and it’s really amazing they are all made with a large sheet of paper (called the sail), thin wooden sticks (spars), glue and a long string (kite line). This book is a great introduction into kite making. Hosking has an extensive background into the different materials that kites can be of, and he also makes allowances for the casual hobbyist by describing inexpensive alternatives, as well as, other more expensive materials. Hosking has a great introduction that points out the strength and weakness of different materials, such as silkspan verses tissue paper.

The patterns in this book are organized into the region they originated. For example, there are kites from China, Malaysia, and Korea. The simple and clear instructions are partnered with pictures. There is also a clear list of tools and materials for each kite pattern.