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Lists & Forms

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There's lots to know about written language in teaching students to read proficiently. TextProject's Lists and Forms give teachers information and guidance in knowing about texts and the words in texts.

Much of the content in Lists and Forms can be found in Great Free Stuff from TextProject: Resources for Knowledge, Vocabulary, and Automaticity. We add new material regularly which may not be in Great Free Stuff, but can be found here, in Lists and Forms.


A small group of words accounts for the majority of the words in English texts. Without proficiency with this core vocabulary, students will struggle as readers. Teachers need to have a solid grasp of the core vocabulary. TextProject lists are intended for use by teachers and researchers. These lists are not intended to be given to students to memorize, especially as homework. 


TextProject provides specialized scaffolds for teachers to use in lesson planning and text selection.

Great, Free Stuff From TextProject: Resources for Knowledge, Vocabulary & Automaticity

This publication outlines the FREE resources that TextProject offers on teaching knowledge, vocabulary, and automaticity.

Vocabulary Matters: 5 Facts, Actions, and Resources

Five facts, actions and resources for vocabulary instruction.