Text Findings


In addition to a reader, any act of reading or of reading instruction, by definition, involves a text. The texts offered to support students in reading instruction and deliberate practice are many. Lexiles and Guided Reading Levels are used to sort texts in complexity but neither system gives educators information about the level of vocabulary challenge or the specific words in a text that might be difficult for students. A tool developed at TextProject called the Word Zone Profiler gives detailed information on the features and distributions of the vocabulary in texts.

In TextProject's latest resource, Text Findings, educators can get insight into the features of the vocabulary in texts. Each Text Findings summarizes a project in which the Word Zone Profiler was used to establish the vocabulary demands of a specific type, program, or level of text. Text Findings are the only resource now available where educators can get information on the vocabulary demands of different types of texts.


21 February 2019

Research Article

What Do "Levels" Really Mean? A Closer Look at Text Leveling

A recently developed tool, derived from theory and empirically validated with student performances and teacher ratings, makes it possible to examine both the within-level consistency and the across-level patterns of texts within beginning reading programs. In this study, this tool is applied to the two most prominent text types currently used in many beginning reading classrooms–decodable and leveled texts.