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TextProject's innovative model of text complexity, called Text Elements by Task (abbreviated as TExT), considers the various tasks involved in reading to determine the complexity or difficulty of specific texts. In addition to rating existing texts, the TExT model is used to create texts designed to help beginning and struggling readers master the tasks necessary for reading success.

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24 May 2012

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TextProject's BeginningReads program supports teachers, parents, and tutors in bringing children into reading. The goal of BeginningReads is to connect student’s oral language knowledge with written language. Ten levels (of 12 books each) are available.


2 April 2013

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FYI for Kids

A collection of engaging and high-quality magazine articles designed to enhance the Common Core classroom’s reading repertoire.


4 January 2011

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Students who don’t read much over the summer show a decline in reading performance from the end of one grade to the start of the next. Research shows that even reading 4 or 5 books over the summer helps to prevent the summer slump.

SummerReads are accessible, engaging texts for at-risk readers… for FREE! And there are enough texts for an entire summer of reading.


11 January 2015


Stories of Words

Stories of Words aims to develop students' interest in interesting words (e.g., snickerdoodles, terrapin, scuba).

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4 January 2011


Talking Points For Kids

Talking Points For Kids aims to increase discussion amongst students on topics that relate to them. To read about the importance of talking about ideas that matter, take a look at the Frankly Freddy entry: High-Leverage Action #1.

TExT: Text Elements by Task

29 December 2010


TExT Model

Learn more about the Text Elements by Task (TExT) model of text complexity and how it was used to design the texts in the popular QuickReads program.

17 May 2013

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Commercially-Available Products Powered by TExT

The TExT model of reading has also been used to write texts in supplemental curriculum. Freddy has worked with major publishing companies, such as Pearson and Scholastic, to create appropriate texts for beginning and struggling readers. Click on a title below to find more information about these reading programs.