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4 Dec 2006

The Word Zone Fluency Curriculum: An Alternative Approach

Elfrieda H. Hiebert, University of California, Berkeley

Book Chapter

Hiebert, E.H. (2007). The Word Zone Fluency Curriculum: An Alternative Approach. In M. Kuhn & P. Schwanenflugel (Eds.), Fluency in the Classroom (pp. 154-170). New York: Guilford.


This chapter describes:

  • the importance of attending to the words in texts that students read as part of repeated and guided reading fluency instruction;
  • a fluency curriculum that consists of high-frequency words and words with consistent rimes (i.e., vowel and consonant patterns) that appear frequently in texts for young children;
  • evidence that the fluency levels of beginning and struggling readers are supported when repeated and guided reading occurs with texts that follow the fluency curriculum; and
  • sources for texts that give students experiences with the fluency curriculum.

For more information on this edited volume, please visit the publisher's (Guilford Press) website.