TextProject in The Reading Teacher (2015)

A brief history of TextProject and why all our resources are FREE.

Are 21st century 5-year-olds cognitively ready to read? : The Washington Post

TextProject founder Elfrieda (Freddy) Hiebert's examination of assumptions in the Common Core State Standards regarding kindergarten instruction and the history of kindergarten text difficulty. Click to view the blog post at the Washington Post website in the Washington Post blog, The Answer Sheet.

TextProject and the Teacher Development Series

Reading Today Online highlights TextProject's Teacher Development Series.

Text Complexity and Reading Today

Freddy talks about the staircase of Text Complexity in Reading Today (online edition).

Review of The Common Core's Staircase of Text Complexity

A review of The Common Core's Staircase of Text Complexity: Getting the Size of the First Step Right (Hiebert, 2011).

TextProject and the Literacy Beat

Take a look at TextProject resources through the eyes of a pre-service instructor.