Previous Events

22 November 2013

National Council of Teachers of English 2013

Boston, MA

Freddy presents at the 2013 annual National Council of Teachers of English conference.

12 November 2013

Pasco County Reading Council

Pasco County, FL

Freddy presents for the Pasco County Reading Council.

2 November 2013

California Reading Association 2013

Sonoma, CA

Freddy presents at the annual California Reading Association conference.

29 October 2013

Scholastic Webinar


Freddy presents a webinar for Scholastic.

26 October 2013

California Subject Matter Project-CRLP

Monterey, CA

This event has been cancelled. [revised 10/21/13]

Freddy presents at a conference for the Santa Cruz regional CA Reading and Literature Project of the CA Subject Matter Project.

17 October 2013

Chicago Literacy Day

Chicago, IL

Freddy presents for educational leaders at Chicago Public Schools.

16 October 2013

WA State Literacy Leadership Day

Seattle, WA

This event has been cancelled.

Freddy presents at the WA State Literacy Leadership Day in Seattle.

16 October 2013

Pearson Literacy Leadership Day

Portland, OR

Freddy presents a presentation at the Pearson Literacy Leadership Day in Portland, OR.

16 September 2013

Magnolia School District

Anaheim, California

Presentation for the Magnolia School District.

4 September 2013

Time Matters in Becoming Proficient with Complex Text

In this presentation, Elfrieda (Freddy) Hiebert will talk about the need for students, beginning in kindergarten, to spend substantial amounts of time with text.  Without such opportunities, students will not have the proficiencies to comprehend texts with complex content and structures as they move through school.  In this presentation, Freddy will describe ways in which teachers can increase the time their students spend in reading to learn.