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The Forgotten Reading Proficiency: Stamina in Silent Reading

Are you worried about your students’ ability to read silently for extended periods of time and how this will impact their success when completing the new CCSS assessments? In this chapter, Freddy outlines the struggle many students will face with regards to stamina and silent reading, and how they may gain proficiency through practice and appropriate instruction.

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FYI for KIDS 125A magazine-based reading program

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E4: Exceptional Expressions for Everyday EventsUse everyday words to teach new words

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Recent Frankly Freddy Posts

3 March 2014

Claims about Text Complexity within the Common Core State Standards: Examining the Evidence

31 October 2013

Summary of Kenji Hakuta on English Language Learners and the Common Core State Standards

Highlights of Hakuta's presentation in Virtual Institute on Assessment and the CCSS on TextProject's YouTube channel.

30 August 2013

Reading Rules for Becoming Proficient with Complex Texts

Freddy's reading rules: Read more. Mostly silent. Focus on knowledge.

What's New

15 April 2014

Valencia Hiebert Afflerbach 2014 v1 Authentic Reading Assessment cover
Research Article
Authentic Reading Assessment: Practices and Possibilities

Reprint of Valencia, Hiebert & Afflerbach's bestselling book.



15 April 2014

WordPictures Title
Thinking Like a Scientist

15 April 2014

WordPictures Title
Children's Games